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as China's most prominent female singer, Li Yuchun's personal charm swept the music and fashion world, as Air Max spirit, constant change. If you want to explore behind the success of Li Yuchun, and director Yuen Hsieh in the #KissMyAirs in the film, try up new space, put their doubts and fears for the future vision, to create a different Nike Air Max world. waiting for opportunities or creating opportunities? Even though is stronger than Li Yuchun, there is no enough personal belief to go through this fantastic 12 years. Before setting up fictional stories, director Yuen Hsieh raised a question, "do we need to wait for opportunities or create opportunities?" "The success of Li Yuchun, have faced numerous choices," I think if we just blindly and actively create opportunities, will deviate from their route; it is not necessarily a bad thing, on the occasion of the need to adhere to self dazzle the eyes. Based on this firm value, Yuen Hsieh decided to plan a breathtaking journey of time and space for Li Yuchun. time collapse Li Yuchun Air Max OG 1 years ago, has become a successful example of the change of the market, no one can expect, "I always like to embrace the adventure as apprehension and enthusiasm, and put a lot of time in the spirit of cheap foamposites creation. "Whether it is the inventor and the shoes, there will always be affected by external factors, Li Yuchun is scheduled to participate in a virtual experiment, sit by the space-time motorcycle team of scientists developed, 15 minutes, 10 years after the world adventure. The director Yuen Hsieh to create a dystopian world, showing the time the failure of the experiment case, underground and disorderly situation, in the confusion of the process, Li Yuchun finally got a glimpse of yourself in 10 years. we are all space time travelers director Yuen Hsieh learned to create a new Air Max 30th anniversary and VaporMax's story, conceived the themes of the time, "I in science fiction movies such as" AKIRA "," back to the future "," Matrix ", the conception of this time. Every day affects the present decision because of the past and the future. It is the most difficult thing to live in the present. "We can't change the future, but the time keeps moving forward, like 10 years later."Air Jordan I Royal officially on sale, whether you buy not buy, there are certainly a lot of friends wonder this engraved with earlier versions than what will change. Looking at the above 2001, 2013 and 2017 paragraphs, if you do not say who is who I can not see, the famous media jordans on sale mens Solecollector will be three pairs of shoes engraved a detailed comparison. you from the point of view of many, and in 2001 this year engraved gap is the largest this year, in addition to the more complex moment optimization in the cortex, many details have changed a lot, such as insoles color; 2013 is the middle of the "two pairs of connecting". When Air Jordan classic engraved, many people will say the first year or once the shoes, now how engraved. The first year of loyal to the right, but who do not want to get better quality shoes? Love shoes need feelings, but need more broad-minded and accept really worth having good stuff. information from: Nowre recent interactive and popular articles (click the picture to view details) so Supreme x TNF, Dave wore a B . Chinese people did not see the shadow. Aape 17SS strongest debut catalog! EVISU poison attack! sent tide brand public number ID:chaopaipai1 tide brand first-hand information, including AJ, VANS, EVISU, LEVI'S, Nike, G-STAR, Aape,.. etc.YEEZY SEASON 5 new Military Boot Paris Showroom debut! 2017-03-02 12:55:16After was released in New York fashion week, Kanye West came to Paris with YEEZY SEASON 5 to open Showroom, and showed a series of new designs to many fashion buyers. Military B cheap air jordans oot once again become a major highlight of the new series, and from this double color camouflage seems Kanye West on the contour but also has more sense of neat lines. In addition, luxury cashmere fleece coats, Lost Hills prints and Adidas Calabasas series are also featured at Showroom. Dear friends, please pay close attention to our follow-up reports! adidas and Adidas Yeezy to build Kanye 350 Boost with Kanye's appeal to the sweeping the globe, earlier this double black color exposed spy, but let us looking forward, the designer of YISHION black rendering whole, though there is no let buried its tide breath, believe it will follow "in the footsteps of predecessors. It is reported that the shoes will be fully sold in August 22nd, the interested friends can not miss it.Dio Hoe ( Dior Homme ) brand introduction:Dior ( Dior ) men's series in 2001 changed its name to Dior·Jie Ao ( Dior Homme ), Dior·Jie Ao ( Dior Homme ) 2001 ~2007 year by French designer Eddie Slimane ( Hedi Slimane ) featuring the design. Eddie Slimane ( Hedi Slimane ) of Dior·Jie proud (Dior Homme ) men's design emphasizes a perfect line, at the same time, because of its small size clothing as well as the selected specialized in lean young model shoot advertising and at buy cheap jordans online tract sb.'s attention. Even the chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld ( CHANEL ) (Karl Lagerfeld ) and Eddie Slimane ( Hedi Slimane ) at the end of the year, Jie ( Dior Homme Dior proud ) fans, he tried to lose 90 pounds, to wear Dior Homme.Following Eddie Slimane ( Hedi Slimane ) after leaving office, Chris Vaas ( Kris Van Assche ) leave Dior·Jie proud (Dior Homme ) has become the fact, Dior·Jie Ao ( Dior Homme ) the choice of one of London's most bizarre designer Gareth Pugh ( Gareth Pugh ), believe that the next Dior·Jie Ao ( Dior Homme men's show will be ". ) "!On the new designer, senior report friends must be quite familiar with his super weird style, but he very expressive and creative design, must praise. If you don't know him, then please imagine: Alexander McCune ( Alexander McQueen ), John Galiano ( John Galliano ) and Vivienne Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ) all together, that strange smell may be just good is worth this year only 28 year-old genius!Dio Hoe ( Dior Homme ) for that figure similar to the poles of the young man, but still have six pack abs wire rod! At the same time seven depression three decadent temperament, eyes nine hook a man of narcissism -- Dio Hoe ( Dior Homme ) is the vampire lover designed bizarre and noble series Retro jordans for sale , Brad Pitt, Mick Jagger, David Beckham, Kanye West -- Hollywood many stars in order to be able to wear the Dior·Jie proud of ( Dior Homme ) and weight loss fitness; Dior·Jie Ao ( Dior Homme ) is the men's, but with a large number of female fans ... ...Eddie Slimane ( Hedi Slimane ) design Dior·Jie proud (Dior Homme ) men, with an almost morbid slim, full of ambiguous gender image, simple parts, but filled with punk rock decadent soul. Dio Hoe ( Dior Homme ) England will be low-key melancholy temperament and French fine noble together, too narrow thin cut, let wear Dior·Jie Ao ( Dior Homme ) man looks like it has never grown boy faces stern, rebellious, closed thin lips and disclosed a disdain. With patience.Some people say Dior·Jie Ao ( Dior Homme ) is a men's clothing of the vampire. Indeed, the vampire 's elegant and romantic, not annihilation personality only ran out of the world, and the transcendent is Dio Hoe ( Dior Homme ) trait. The narrow version of the classic tailoring, only suitable for such as drug addicts the body weak figure, perhaps you have these things, but really want to wear Dior·Jie Ao ( Dior Homme ) taste and temperament, is so difficult.Eddie Slimane ( Hedi Slimane ) of Dior·Jie proud (Dior jordan 3 katrina 2018 Homme ) men, is dedicated to the men: they are grade but not show, has a head but not contrived to have money, but not show off, can not show. Everything is in hiding in a set of Dior·Jie Ao ( Dior Homme ) Black Mens, mysterious, deep man and so Dior·Jie Ao ( Dior Homme ) under the combination of beautiful romantic metaphor grace to reincarnation.Dressed in Dio Hoe ( Dior Homme ) man, dressed on Dior·Jie Ao ( Dior Homme ) man, wearing that Dio Hoe ( Dior Homme ). If the above three conditions are established, such a man, must be good, and very good. Hedi Design Mens, the narrow long pants and shirts, not the pot size and wealth is proportional to the bosses right. Dior ( Dior ) brand not daily nine-to-five white-collar workers in small boys can afford. These two points are not the main reason which refused. Dior Homme temperament, that decisively, demon rule, Qing Ling feeling, how are ordinary people have shown up?Some people say, keen on Dior·Jie Ao ( Dior Homme ) in this group of degenerate in the matriarchal clan in men. If let me choose a word to describe, can only be -- My Vampire lover. That only a touch of dark glamour, romance is pale, slender and elegant, indescribable strange noble. Dio Hoe ( Dior Homme ), always belongs t jordans on sale online o those who have a gloomy face weak figure handsome people.The Dio Hoe ( Dior Homme ) brand archives:Chinese Name: Dior·Jie AoEnglish Name: Dior HommeFormerly known as: Dior MonsieurDesigner: Eddie Slimane ( Hedi Slimane ), autumn and winter of 2001 ~2007 year in autumn and winter; Chris Vaas ( Kris Van Assche ) took over, spring summer 2008 start nowProducts : men, men's accessories, men's perfume, men's skin care& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network] June 15 news, Nike said its built NIKE + technology will continue to deepen the iPhone (mobile Internet access) 3G S for cooperation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; NIKE + consists of three parts: Fields marked with Nike + logo Nike sneakers, transmit data, placed in the left shoe insole groove chips and "data receiver." Now, the data receiver may be iPodNano, NIKE + sports wristband (NIKE + SportBand), iPod Touch 2 or the new iPhone 3G S. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike company said June 19, 2009, the long-awaited new iPhone3GS will be on sale in the United States retail stores, and in the subsequent several weeks in more than 80 national sales. Equipped with a user NIKE + products include when running speed, distance, time, calorie consumption value, etc. run data will be recorded in real time in the N Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale IKE + "data Receiver" in. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; After the run, the NIKE + "data receiver" to upload the data stored Nike + online community. In this wireless network in the country, consumers can not only create their own databases running, jogging develop training programs can also be used to run the Friends of running data with the rest of the world to communicate through the Nike + online community competition. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2006, Nike and Apple jointly launched the Nike + iPod running equipment. More and more equipped with the NIKE + technology, Apple products are to follow. published by the State Information Center Information Department, Beijing commercial information center statistics Beijing City billion yuan store sales data, comprehensively and quantitatively describe the dynamic commodity sales in Beijing large department stores. From the beginning of 2005, our exclusive serial interpretation of "Beijing billion yuan mall clothing sales data" reports, analysis of data from two large shopping malls and brand perspective, provides an intuitive reference for clothing enterprises. footwear products as a new category of clothing and apparel, also has a wide range of categories and brands. This article through to the recent Beij jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ing billion yuan shopping mall shoes commodity sales data interpretation, for readers to display the current Beijing shoes commodity mainstream market situation. A; women's shoes brand sales in July 2007, 22 Beijing million yuan shopping malls realize the total sales of women's shoes about 44000000 yuan. Among them, the top 10 brands accounted for about 36.8% of the total sales. although this month's brand sales of women's shoes generally declined last month, but there are still relatively stable brands. BELLE, Teenmix shoes, kisscat average daily sales decline was 14.39%, 4.27%, 2.39%, continue to rank the top three sales of shoes. Sheng Qi, Mileno, Bindu, son of Daphne in the rankings, which, in addition to Qi children shoes daily sales was essentially flat with the previous month, Mileno, Bing, Daphne rose respectively 7.76%, 9.21%, 2.77%. ECCO, Sa Ruier, Playboy shoes average daily sales fell by 25.96%, 10.24%, 18.8%, ranking decline. in July 2007, Beijing million yuan shopping mall women's shoes list by brand statistics sales list (table slightly) B; women's shoes; brand sales; in July 2007, 22 Beijing million yuan shopping malls sales of more than 150 thousand pairs of shoes, air jordan 11 space jam for sale and ranked women's sales of the top 10 brands took the 40% sales. )Originally thought in Cleveland's media day we may have a glimpse of the new LeBron 14, but never thought LeBron James day Pro a new color Zoom LeBron 3 Low appeared, it had to let people believe firmly that Nike is engraved LeBron series shoes project. At the same time, the shoe body tag XXX words also caused a variety of conjecture, let us wait and see what meaning why. 1.jpg (271.35 KB, download number: 4) download LeBron James a new Nike Zoom LeBron Pro 3 Low 2016-9-27 08:51 upload 2.jpg (242.82 KB, download number: 4) download LeBron James a new Nike Zoom LeBron Pro 3 Low 2016-9-27 08:51 LeBron James Nike upload, Zoom, LeBron 3, Low Tony 2016-9-29 on this topic by deleting 09:18 reply 000.jpg (456.29 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-9-11 upload at 10:11 1.jpg (217.44 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-9-11 upload at 10:11 2.jpg (246.98 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-9-11 upload at 10:11 3.jpg (165.36 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-9-11 upload at 10:11 [map] shoes beauty one less Author: admin 2007-7-15 21:33:26 to upload reading: 1104 recommended: 0 reply: 0 category: SNK shoes informationAIR HUARACHE light as a simple version of the air HUARACHE, on the degree of exposure to rival, and overwhelmed. Before by size? Released the joint models "Eclipse" theme series, air HUARACHE light and release the two blue gray, gray color, vamp to artificial leather and mesh dual material to build, combined with huarache architecture provides unique dress sense. Currently, the two color has been on sale in the UK version, priced at 90 pounds. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!2014-15 season cba league matches of the start of the day is approaching, teams were in the final run in, in order to meet the upcoming game, and as a League official sponsors and equipment, strategic partners, Li Ning brand natural is also positive for the players to create a more comfortable League outfit. As is known to all, Li Ning, the company never stops for the players to provide more excellent products pace, in order to let the players can burst out of the endless potential in the game, Li Ning basketball designers according to the characteristics of the players, basketball boots to & quot; Ling & quot;, & quot; force & quot; two kinds of style. & quot; Ling & quot; boots can be the flexible on the pitch, light and fast players to give more help, & quot; force & quot; boots is more in line with the forces that cover the entire audience, invincible players. In this way, the player can according to personal play style, characteristic and field location choice is more suitable for their own basketball boots. It also reflects the Li Ning brand for care and heart athletes. And we report on a basketball hero today is the & quot; Ling & quot; a style boots - Li Ning strikes low help Version (- low power). familiar with Li Ning basketball friends will not for Li Ning strike (- power) this name was strange, as one of this season, Li Ning, the company tries their best to build the focus of shoes Li Ning strikes (- power) a by the advent of will cause the attention of many basketball fans and sneakers lovers, as a dual designed for domineering, dare and opponents fight ruthless in the end the player build boots, this pair of shoes has a natural small excels, and Li Ning strikes low help Version (- low power) also sincerity is dye in the wood. Low Li Ning strikes help (- low power) version of the shoe body design is quite edges to a sharp sense of upper with the synthetic leather, fabric two kinds of materials to build, with molding process, which can be significantly improved the shoes in the fierce campaign of stability, so as to avoid avoid sports injury. Let " on the court; force " style of the players, you can rest assured that bold action will be put in place, no fear of injury caused by the risk. In front of this pair of Li Ning air low help (- low power) version of the buff color design, camouflage as a timeless classic elements, application designer right let whole shoes look excellent texture, wearing the shoes appeared in the game must be shining audience. Lining air raid low (Power Low LI-NING) the big end of the design is also very good faith. In background, Li Ning, the company made frequent use of full palm ip injection cushioning technology paired with new Bounse+ cushioning technology. So the combination of science and technology will undoubtedly make the shoes have superior cushioning, overlord of those teams in the area will inevitably enthusing about such a combination of science and technology. And in order to make the full strength of 〉